EAT like a bird OR eat like a horse. This saying actually is referring to the tendency for people to eat based on their body sizes; such as Mr Big Show eating what almost FIVE ‘lekpacious’ ladies could eat at once. It is not bad in itself, because the energy demands of Mr Big Show could probably be equal to that of the ladies put together.
So what is the fuss about PORTION size today?
✋Hold on, we’re getting there.
This is what portion sizes are 🍔🍰🍮🍨 (The amount of food you CHOOSE to eat for a meal is the portion size). Now, before the advent of ‘King Burger’ , ‘Orobo’ Soft drinks and our very own ‘Hungry man’ Instant noodles, it is usually almost impossible to consume a lot of unhealthy foods ( unwanted calories) at once. Why? because the home made foods that formed the bulk of our meal contains mainly ‘complex’ suger(carbohydate) and other essential nutrients, that makes it satisfy you faster than the ‘Orobo’ that would make you feel even more hungry though you’ve taken more calories (sugar) than when you ate home cooked food.
The desire to eat comes from both your EYES and the Brain. So if you have a very BIG meal before you priced a LITTLE below the normal size, you’d surely go for the BIG size, because not only is it cheaper it is also a way of cheating the sellers; a win-win for you.
But wait – is it? We will fined out in the morning.
Don’t touch the dial! I don’t want to overload you today, the remaining portion will be for breakfast. Till then have a fabulous night rest. 🌃🌛👍

Definition of terms

lekpacious — thin

Orobo — large