Food Controversy 

Food is the second most basic human need beside oxygen. According to Food and Agricuture Organization , food security exists when all people, at all times, have physical, social and economic access to sufficient,safe and Nutritious food which meet their dietary needs and food preferences  for an active and healthy life. 

Now the truth remains that even in the developed  countries, access to nutritious food and/or knowledge about what constitutes a nutritious diet remains a problem. When you consider the fact that so many factors play a role in food production of which the big food companies perhaps are the most influential players, then you understand why you as an individual should make sure you are not ignorant of the dynamics and realities of obtaining a nutritious foods. 

Unlike the individual consumers who ironically  is worst hit by the negative effects of unhealthy food products yet do not press hard enough to know the sources and compositions of their diet, the big food companies whose goals have been set uses all manner of tricks to sell unhealthy food products to them. Tell them that a particular food product is causing a health crisis and they will repackage it and sell it in another form. They have the voice, money and technology to influence the consumer’s choice. Notwithstanding, even though the seem to have it all, the lack the will power to look beyond profit to thousands if not millions who continually fall victims of their unhealthy products. 

In conclusion, remember this; Nutritionists and other health workers are overwhelmed by the corporate companies, hence the onus lies on you to make the right choice because at last it is in your body that the battle will be won or lost.