Infinite Choices

It is year 2030, and I am standing in front of this virtual supermarket trying to choose from the thousands of different food products sampled here. With the help of my AI assistant, I call my virt…

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Infinite Choices


It is year 2030, and I am standing in front of this virtual supermarket trying to choose from the thousands of different food products sampled here.
With the help of my AI assistant, I call my virtual nutritionist, “between Voiletberry and Justlike-berry, which is the  most healthy one for my body type?” I asked. “Hover over the part that reads ‘NTR’ and you will see the body types that tolerates each”, it would reply.

Back to the garage  trying to master my newly acquired telecar, my autoresponder called in to report that my bodydoc@ is beeping. As I stood up to go check it out, I felt a spasm on the left side of my body. Pausing for a minute I adjusted my 4D printed cloth, making sure it was not the culprit.

Now observing carefully the bodydoc@ machine; paying attention to every word and watching it as it opens up each organ in my body trying to figure out where the problem could be from, it finally stopped at the region between my stomach and the large intestine and revealed something looking like a synthetic material, unable to be digested.

Days after that incident, I still think about the fact that though there are many choices out there in the world of food, there are actually fewer options – those with valid and proven claims.
I’m going to help make the good ones the norm and not the exception because I am gradually realizing that ‘atara ugba atara ose’ food is something that affects us all.

Post Script: Sadly, the availability of many choices these days does not equal to increased quantity of healthy and nutritious foods. On the contrary, food companies still focus on ‘how much’ and not necessarily ‘how well’ – making it a case of ‘water everywhere yet not a drop to drink.

Everyone should help to make the food of the future – healthy.

Meaning of words:
Atara ugba atara ose – whatever be the case…


We are here to stay.


We are here to stay.
We eat to live.
We say No…
Our food should not be poison!

This year am going to embrace healthy living like never before. Lots of whole foods and laughter, Less of foods with no integrity and nourishing power.

Love it or hate it, you attract your kind. Life would be kind only if you follow its simple ‘dos’ and…

Science say, Laymen say. What does my heart say?
Yet everyone agrees that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

This year we pray that the plate that holds that which goes into our stomach never agrees to pay a visit to the house of the one who seek for profit and profit alone.


The Preacher’s Protest


I am a preacher and a protester.

I preach to consumers of unhealthy food products to consider the doctor’s office – the syringes and shots, the bitter pills that put the body into confusion and drives serenity into faraway land, the embarrassment of incontinence and the constant reminder of a poor lifestyle choice.

I am a protester. I protest against adulterated foods and edible poisons packaged with food wrap. I hate to see preservatives written as nutrients on the label. Though voiceless, I protest. Perhaps the public address system could pick my voice from the cacophony of other voices making the same plea. However, if it ends up that no one gets to hear my voice, then MYSELF would be glad it did live.


EAT like a bird OR eat like a horse. This saying actually is referring to the tendency for people to eat based on their body sizes; such as Mr Big Show eating what almost FIVE ‘lekpacious’ ladies could eat at once. It is not bad in itself, because the energy demands of Mr Big Show could probably be equal to that of the ladies put together.
So what is the fuss about PORTION size today?
✋Hold on, we’re getting there.
This is what portion sizes are 🍔🍰🍮🍨 (The amount of food you CHOOSE to eat for a meal is the portion size). Now, before the advent of ‘King Burger’ , ‘Orobo’ Soft drinks and our very own ‘Hungry man’ Instant noodles, it is usually almost impossible to consume a lot of unhealthy foods ( unwanted calories) at once. Why? because the home made foods that formed the bulk of our meal contains mainly ‘complex’ suger(carbohydate) and other essential nutrients, that makes it satisfy you faster than the ‘Orobo’ that would make you feel even more hungry though you’ve taken more calories (sugar) than when you ate home cooked food.
The desire to eat comes from both your EYES and the Brain. So if you have a very BIG meal before you priced a LITTLE below the normal size, you’d surely go for the BIG size, because not only is it cheaper it is also a way of cheating the sellers; a win-win for you.
But wait – is it? We will fined out in the morning.
Don’t touch the dial! I don’t want to overload you today, the remaining portion will be for breakfast. Till then have a fabulous night rest. 🌃🌛👍

Definition of terms

lekpacious — thin

Orobo — large