Over a pot of soup


As I stir this pot of beans with a ladle that was given to me by a kind neighbor, I wonder how in the world could FIVE grown adults; not even counting the children, stay in ONE room – a Lagos room at that!
How? Why? I thought about the women among them, how do they manage to remain sane during that time of the month, when your whole body is turning upside down like it is waging a war against you. Which bed do they go to roll and turn to get comfort amidst the raging hormones?
How about the men? In the morning when they wake up to a body that seem to have woken up before them, where do they go to relax before catching up with their system?
And how about the little children? Where do they get the space to tell those fantasy stories of the fight between the loin and the ant, and how to get the uncle that often bully them pay for his heartless acts?
Do they even know what a personal space means? How do they assign an area to each member of the family? What if one wants to make those dreaded mid night calls, how does one ‘tune down’ their voice so low that it doesn’t disturb others?
Ok back to my Pot of Beans. This Beans I was told is ‘Iron’ Beans: which means that it was fortified with the all important mineral ‘Iron’. Alright let me bring it home a bit – what iron does for me as a woman is that it replenishes my Blood cells every month after going through what we all go through. You grab that? 😎
Studies (http://www.webmd.com/diet/iron-rich-foods) have shown that about 20% of women, 50% of pregnant women, and 3% of men do not have enough iron in their body and the solution in many cases, is to consume more foods high in iron. So this Beans knows it’s worth and thus is taking time to cook. But that was not what I was told; I was told it is an equivalent of ‘wait and take’ in the Bean world, could it be because of the many occupants in this Pot – you know; the onions, the palm oils, the peppers among so many others? 🍜
Of course, unlike my neighbors, this Beans seem to know a lot about personal space – You See, they want me to respect their right to self expression without any fear of premature evacuation and subsequent consumption. But the other ingredients don’t seem to mind, they know that their job is more about synergy; bring make I bring. Iron needs Vitamin C to perform their duty, it has always been that way! each helping the other to lift this ‘engine house’ we call body up. πŸ‘«
I am going to tell my stomach to exercise patient because it always gets better. 😁 And if what we are waiting for is an adequate diet, complete with all the small, medium and large scale nutrients – then it is worth the wait!

PS: I am going to send it down with Garri (cassava flour)
PS II: You can enjoy yours with Pap, plantain or like my neighbor with a medium sized cucumber.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚!!!



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