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Why I started this blog

According to Edmund Burke, all that is necessary for triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. As a trained nutritionist, I watch everyday as people are fed with conflicting ideas about what a healthy diet is. In this era of the world wide web, where information is at the click of a button why do we still find it hard to make an informed decision about the most important part of our existence – food?  Like the saying goes “water water everywhere yet not a drop to drink.” The truth cannot be  far fetched; many conflicting interest.

I want to be one of the sincere few whose objectives are to educate and assist the individual consumers make the right choice. I will be doing this through comparing and analysing the many findings in nutrition science and breaking it down to everyday language.

I am an advocate for the  preservation and consumption of our indigenous foods. The rate at which western diets are encroaching into our food systems with their attendant diseases one cannot help but ask for a change in attitude towards our indigenous foods.

Just a few decade ago the word ‘diabetic’ was not so common. People cooked their own meals which among many things comprised of  complex carbohydrates in the form of cocoyams, pulses and the like. Today this foods are being replaced with highly processed foods like burgers and fries, soft drinks which contains simple carbohydrates are replacing water and other healthy natural drinks.

As the saying goes, ‘prevention is better than cure.’ We must make a conscious effort to stay healthy.

Follow me on this blog and I promise to get you informed so you make the right choice.



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