Food as a heritage 

According to the Oxford dictionary, the word “heritage ” means a property that is or may be inherited.Now considering the fact that food systems are passed down from a generation to another generation, it is not out of place to say that our food systems should be preserved and guarded like the inheritance they are. Think about the health impact of changing the oriental diet- the obesity and its many diseases as well as the environmental impact that will have on the population. In Africa and west Africa in particular, we are endowed with many natural and human resources which our food systems happen to be among. Due to the tropical nature of our climate, we have endless supply of forest food products which we prepare in many ways to make up a healthy diet. Granted, this forests are under treat from deforestation to climate change. As we fight to restore other non food forest products, we should always remember the double benefit of the food products which not only is a source of nourishment  but also an inheritance.


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